What to do…

Days 9-11: Kountze-Coldspring-Navasota-Le Grange (212 miles) Trip total 563 miles.

Along with the rest of the world, we are concerned at the impact CV-19 is having. BA emailed to say that our flight home is still scheduled, but gives options to return earlier. This is easier said than done when you are on a bicycle in the boondocks. We have foregone a planned rest days to get to Austin, the state capital of Texas, sooner so we can evaluate our options. We should get there on Thursday all being well. This has resulted in us doing three 70 mile plus days in a row; towns with accommodation are few and far between, so it’s long days or wild camping. My vote is always for the comfy bed and hot shower.

Cycling across the 21,000 acre, man-made Lake Conroe between Coldspring and Navasota. (Provides water for Houston).

As we head ever west, the scenery has changed from the swampy lowland bayous of Louisiana and south east Texas, to rolling open ranch land which is very scenic. There are no roadside hedges so the views are expansive. The many and multi-racial herds of beef cattle are contained by post and wire fences. The Texas Longhorns are a sight to behold but have not been close enough for a decent photo yet. Quite a few of the cows have Brahman bulls with them, no doubt for a bit of hybrid vigour.

The country roads are much quieter and  more pleasurable to cycle. The verges and fields are vibrant with spring flowers. The Blue Bonnet, a variety of lupin, is the state flower of Texas, they are everywhere and remind us of the bluebells at home.

Blue Bonnets and Indian Paintbrushes (orange flowers)
Distant forefather blazing the trail??

It is getting much more hilly now, constant ups and downs, this and a strong headwind has rendered us two very tired bunnies.

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