Days 3 & 4: New Roads to Bunkie to Eunice (131 miles)

Two long days in the saddle; the 71 miles from from New Roads to Bunkie was in the plan, so no surprise. Another completely flat day with a couple of light showers in an otherwise grey day. Again, even the more major roads were very quiet, usually with a wide shoulder and good surface. Some of the country roads, however, had the odd pothole to rival those in Devon. The region is sparsely populated so the traffic on the country roads is light. It is wonderfully peaceful bowling along with only the sound of our tyres, birdsong and crickets.

Quiet country roads

The heavens opened just as we checked in to the, no frills, but clean and perfectly acceptable All Star Inn, Bunkie, run by a very friendly couple, originally from India. Thank goodness for the Pizza Shack, which delivered our supper to the door – saved a drenching.

The destination for today’s ride was the tiny town of Mamou, which claims to be the Cajun music capital of the world. A few minor hills and a twisting route through Bayou country (a slow moving creek or swampy sections of a river or lake) and rice paddies made for a very pleasant ride.

Little green turtles sitting on logs or splashing about in the water are very cute and the screech of numerous birds of prey suggest a healthy eco system hereabouts. A huge area is given over to fields surrounded by man-made dykes, many completely flooded to facilitate rice cultivation, a much more industrial process than in Thailand.

Bald Cypress trees growing in the Bayou

Our relief on arriving in Mamou after 50 miles, was short-lived. The only hotel was shut! Our options, wild camping with biscuits for supper or other 10 miles to the bigger town of Eunice. Eunice won! Carpenter lovers will appreciate Gavin having Gumbo, crawfish pie and good fun on the bayou.