Prompiram to Si Satchanalai

What a joy; Kamoot, the bike mapping and navigation app we are using, has guided us through delightful, traditional villages in the agriculturally rich north central plain. The mapping is so detailed we can use older roads and paths which has the double benefit of avoiding faster traffic on the main roads and experiencing day to day Thai life.

A very wobbly suspension bridge over the river Yom – one of our ‘off the beaten track’ Kamoot discoveries
Early morning Water Buffalo Market

We had a magical overnight stop at Old Sukhothai, the ancient capital of Thailand, in an air-conditioned, comfortable cabin set in a garden of banana trees and lotus flowers. The very sweet lady owner could not have been more kind or helpful. We spent Tuesday afternoon cycling around the various ruins of the wealthy 12th-13th centuary Sukhothai civilisation that ruled the region. Devotion to their religion is clearly evident with Buddhas everywhere, from small representations to huge monuments.

Buddhas at Wat Saphan Hin, Old Sukhothai. Photo taken as we watched the sunrise over the old city

This morning (Wednesday) we cycled another 40 miles north, along the banks of the Yom river, where there is much water extraction to irrigate the largely horticultural crops grown alongside. We are now in Si Satchanalai, a satellite town from the 13th centuary, Sukhothai era. We intend to spend two nights here, for some rest, and to explore the many monuments in this UNESCO world heritage site.

Outside our air-conditioned, en-suite cabin at Sukhothai City Resort

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