Capital …

Saturday’s 50 mile ride from Lasko (A) took us out of the Savinja river valley, over some lumpy hills to follow the Sava and Ljubljanski rivers into the Slovenian capital Ljubljana (3). The first half of the ride was on busy roads without much shoulder, a bit scary at times. A coffee stop and peruse of options using Kamoot, a cycling and hiking satnav app, saved the day finding us a quiet alternative on the other side of the river. A short section of bumpy, unpaved path was a small price to pay.

Lovely buildings of Ljubljana with the Castle on the hill

Ljubljana is first mentioned in the 1100s, it sits on the Roman city of Emona. The city straddles the Ljubljanski river, the banks connected by a series of old and new bridges. The smallest capital city in the EU, it is home to just 200,000 people, roughly one tenth of the Slovenian population. It is a vibrant place, well worth a visit.

Door to the Cathedral of St. Nicholas. Bronze 3D Relief of former Bishops

Heading south west out of Ljubljana on, largely, good cycle routes we were treated to 20 very flat miles over the Barje, an area full of drainage channels, much like the Somerset Levels. The fields are very green and lush. The final thirty miles to Divaca provided some sweeping, world class, downhills. Naturally, we paid our dues slogging up the other sides. As seems to be the case everywhere we have cycled, weekends bring out the motorbikers delighting in taking the bends as fast as they can, on machines with engines bigger than small cars.

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