Cows and camelias…

1,034 miles pedalled, roughly another 150 to do over the next three days and our cycling will be done. Today was our second longest distance, just over 80 miles and the hilliest; although pretty tame by Devon standards. Even so, we are both on the tired side and grumbling about sore knees and achy muscles.

That blue line represents 80 miles from Franklinton to Jackson in Louisiana

Tomorrow we will meet the mighty Mississippi River; heading south along its bank, we will spend the night night in Baton Rouge, Louisiana’s state capital. Friday and Saturday will be two more 50ish mile rides along the meandering river into New Orleans.

The past two days have been more delightful cycling along backcountry roads with very little traffic, bar the occasional logging truck. Once the early morning fog had lifted, this morning, we had a lovely sunny day, reaching 25°c. This clearly pleased the wildlife, with birdsong providing a sound track and scampering squirrels and little lizards comical interest. The fields abound with various denominations of beef cattle, this year’s crop of calves busily gamboling around their mothers. Many of the cows and horses we pass give us a good looking at.

A few drops of rain as we cross the Pearl River and enter Louisiana

Our accommodation has varied along the way, from formulaic roadside motels, some better than others, to a whole bungalow B&B in Poplarville. Our 88 year old host Bob, was a lovely man with a rich Southern accent, who had placed bowls of his home grown camelias especially for us.

Old Centennial Inn, Jackson, Louisiana

Tonight we are the only guests enjoying an historic, beautifully decorated, former Hotel now run as a B&B. As I write this we are sitting on an upstairs balcony enjoying the last of the evening sun listening to crickets chirping.

A Plantation House dating from 1870 near Jackson, Louisiana

2 thoughts on “Cows and camelias…

  1. I have enjoyed your posts. Keeping my eye on Keith. He seems to be having a good time! Which is the aim of it all really!

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