Bit of a Problem – plan B…

We were feeling very chilled after a couple of days at the town of Orange Beach on Alabama’s Gulf coast. It was a shame that both days were beleaguered by heavy, grey fog. Full of energy on Saturday morning, we ate up the 26 miles along the peninsula to catch a ferry to get us across Mobile Bay. On arrival, the ticket office was closed with a note on the window stating all sailings were postponed due to the fog; which at that point was lifting rapidly.

Gavin rang the number for further information and I managed to find some posts on the Ferry company’s Facebook page which stated that they would be running the 12.30 sailing from Dauphine Island and the return at 13.15 (the one we needed). What a relief, we sat down to wait with a couple of other cyclists and a number of car drivers. Tensions mounted as the fog rolled in again and no ferry emerging from the gloom. The next message filled us with dread, the ferry had been returned to port and would not be running again!

We had no option but to retrace our tracks for 20 miles – 40 wasted miles and the best part of a day. To cycle up to the first bridge crossing at Mobile adds yet another 20 miles to our planned route. With few options, we just put our heads down and pedalled for England, arriving at Spanish Fort, opposite Mobile city, on the East bank of the bay at 6.15pm; running on lights in the dark for the last half hour. Eighty eight miles cycled but only two miles eaten off the, longer, alternative route, so an early start and another long ride today to make up the rest of the deficit and put us back on plan.

Armadillo spotted at Gulf State Park

3 thoughts on “Bit of a Problem – plan B…

  1. Sorry but I have only just joined you, been otherwise engaged. It sounds great but one important point regarding the dipping. I note that only the rear wheels were being dipped. That’s okay but when you eventually get to the Pacific with the front wheel facing west both wheels will have to be in the water. Otherwise you will be short by one bike length and you know what that means in terms of the rules.

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