Valentine’s night in the jungle…

Just a short 40 mile ride today, from Monticello, a small town with some impressive plantation houses, to Tallahassee. This allowed us time to enjoy a tasty and leisurely breakfast at our first US B&B. Our hosts, Katherine and Scotty were charming and their home a lovely old clapperboard house crammed with an eclectic mix of collectables including at least four dolls houses, one of Barry Gibb’s (Bee Gees) guitars and Harry Houdini’s death certificate, not to mention hundreds of other things. We slept in the ‘Safari’ room, complete with a model elephant being ridden by a chimpanzee and a lifesize model banana tree!

Daffodale House, Monticello – our B&B on Valentine’s Night

Although the state capital, Tallahassee ranks as only the 7th most populous city in Florida. The State University dominates the centre with impressive buildings and grounds.

We started yesterday’s 75 mile ride from White Springs to Monticello in full winter kit; there was frost on the ground and the temperature was sub zero at 9am. Fortunately it warmed up fast once the sun came out. The route, once again was very rural, mainly through farmland. The communities along the way have been very small but with a surprising number of churches, mostly Baptist.

The road surfaces, so far, have been mostly excellent with smooth asphalt, and generally a shoulder on which to ride. Although as nothing compared to Devon, we are getting into hillier territory. To date the drivers have been very accommodating.

Frost an unusual sight in Florida

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