Country roads and Inquisition…

Three days on the road with 180 miles on the clock, so a good start. Our route is somewhat circuitous, taking quieter roads or bike paths and wending around the numerous lakes and swampy areas. This takes us through State Parks, forested areas and open farmland. A good percentage of the cattle are claimed to be pedigree Angus or pedigree Black Angus, clearly their Aberdeen forefathers are long forgotten. There are many tiny calves at foot – so cute.

Route so far – aiming for Tallahassee, the state capital, on Friday

The terrain is pretty flat, so easy cycling, ever so slightly spoiled by annoying headwinds, if the forecast is right it will veer and be behind us tomorrow. Yippee. Today has been really cold, fully 10°c lower than yesterday.

Swampy land, Hawthorne-Gainsville State Trail

Eating out is a stressful experience for us reserved Brits. The waiting staff are very friendly and I’m getting used to being called Mam, but it is like a Spanish Inquisition. First you are required to specify which species you wish to eat, then what part of that animal, then which method of cooking (the choices are many), followed by how well you want it cooked. Next, which side dishes you want, whether you want fries (chips), what sauce you would like and if you want corn or garlic bread. Don’t get me started on the drinks, such choice, except when it comes to ice and you get that by the bucket load whether you want it or not. If you are not too exhausted by the ordering process, the food (so far) has been very good. Thank goodness we are doing a lot of excercise!

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