Castles, Cobbles and Plague …

Three days and 125 miles on, we have been travelling in a South Easterly direction, leaving the flat land of the Elbe basin behind us. Our winding route between the Bohemian- Moravian Highlands to the south and Eagle mountains to the north followed the border between Bohemia and Moravia for a good number of miles.

Litomysl Castle

The countryside side is more scenic with rolling terrain and forested hillsides which are beginning to trade their summer green for autumn hues. The roadsides still feature apple, pear and damson trees, shedding their bounty on the roadside, joined now by quite a few walnuts.

Bousov castle, worth the two miles uphill!!

The villages are generally very small, just a few houses and farms. The towns we have passed through, include Litomysl which boasts a Renaissance castle with stunning gardens, Svitavy, birthplace of Oskar Schindler, Moraska Trebová and Bousov, both with their own incredible castles. Tonight we are in Olomouc, the ancient capital of Moravia and a UNESCO world heritage city. All these towns/cities have beautiful cobbled town squares with exquisitely decorated buildings and all have their own ‘Plague Monument’ which features a number of statues of saints with the Virgin Mary holding baby Jesus as the pinnacle. For towns which suffered the black death in the early 1700s, the monument honours the dead, in others they celebrate the respective town having been spared.

Cobbled Square, fine buildings and Plague Monument in Pardubice

Today we experienced some strong headwinds which were quite energy sapping and herald a change in the hot sunny weather we have had for most of our trip (28°c today). Tomorrow is forecast to be at least 10° cooler.

Rolling countryside leaving Moraska Trebová

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