Acorns and castles …

Three days and 160 miles on we have been travelling in a south-easterly direction, and are set for a night in the delightful little town of Slavonice. This medieval town of 2,500 souls is just 1 kilometre from the Austrian border and hovers between the Czech provinces of Bohemia and Moravia. It is a mecca for cyclists, the town is littered with bikes of all denominations and some very colourful lycra.

Town Square Slavonice from the top of the church tower. (Climbed 160 steps after a hard day on the bikes)

Slavonice town Square – three vintage tractors, two of them Steyrs, clearly much loved

The scenery has changed from, mainly, arable farmland to a mix of meadows, maize, pine forests and lakes. The region bills itself as Czech Canada. Riding through the pine forests is tranquil and atmospheric, except for fallen acorns popping off like turbo-charged tiddlywinks when a tyre catches them.

Castle at Jinrichuv Hradec reflected in the lake

Warm, sunny weather with a very gentle cooling breeze has been a very welcome feature so far. The terrain has remained quite hilly, although for the most part, the gradients have not been too steep. The place names defy pronunciation and we have had some comical conversations with Google translate putting its own interpretation on what is intended.

Cycling along old border patrol roads between former communist Czechoslovakia and Austria

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