So far so good …

The, non eventful, but completely full flight from London to San Diego took ten and half hours, arriving at 5 pm local time, but 3 am GMT! It was a very tired pair who got their bikes roadworthy and cycled the 3 miles to a downtown Hotel for some very welcome sleep.

A half hour ferry across the harbour, followed by a 20 mile, flat, ride along a very well signed bike path the following morning got us to Mexico. What appears to be a new pedestrian/cyclist facility at the border point between San Ysidro and Tijuana allowed us to buy our visas and go through customs very easily, with English speaking guides laid on to help.

No going back …

Tijuana was a bit of a shock after the sophistication of San Diego, a clear gulf in the respective wealth of these neighbouring cities. A planned quick trip into the centre to buy a local sim card was anything but given the traffic and number of people. Cycling away from the city back to the coast was a bit hairy with the speed and shear volume of traffic, however we made it unscathed. 

What’s wrong with the Fence Mr Trump?

People seem very friendly here, especially so at the very nice hostel we spent the night at Playa Tijuana; a few hundred metres from the rusty, but high fence that Donald wants to replace with a wall.

Gavin is going soft! Only 23 miles on our first full day in Mexico. This did make for a fairly relaxed amble down the Pacific coast, stopping on the long sandy beach at Rosarito to eat our bocadillos (sandwiches), then only another 8 miles to our billet for tonight. And very pleasant it is too, a large well provisioned room with a balcony overlooking the sea. The waves are crashing over the shore and the sun is just about to set, perfect.

News alert! The real Gavin is back, just been informed it will be a hard day tomorrow to get to Ensenada, well it was good while it lasted.

A hazy day, not so good for photos

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