And We’re Off to Sunny Spain …

A bumpy crossing from Plymouth to St. Malo was not conducive to a good night’s sleep in our bunk beds. So it was two weary travellers who negotiated 500, rain sodden, miles to Toulouse, mainly on the motorways, which are both smoother and less congested than in dear old England. Something to do with the toll system perhaps?

A restorative Wednesday night, in a camp site on the edge of Toulouse, saw us refreshed and able to take advantage of a dry day with a thirty mile bike ride along a section of the plane tree lined, Canal du Midi; which joins the Atlantic to the Mediterranean. The return journey along the other side of the valley through rolling farmland and sleepy hamlets was all together more scenic though.

Thus exercised, we continued south east, past the magnificent ancient town at Carcassonne to the Mediterranean coast between Perpignan and Narbonne. Turning south, we then hugged the coast up into the tortuous Pyrenees mountains and over the border into Spain. The road had more bends than a snake on speed, and so took much longer to drive than anticipated, but the views!!

With some relief we pulled into a camp-site at the, delightful small town of Garriguella just as the light faded. So far we have managed to remain on good terms in our mobile chicken coop but are having to be very organised.

This morning we rode about ten miles into Figueres to visit the museum of the surrealist artist Savador Dali, for whom the town was both home and final resting place.  Not too sure we ‘got’ many of the pictures or sculptures, bit too surreal for our simple tastes. The ride there and back was mainly flat in the lee of the snow clad Pyrenean peaks in the distance but was challenging due to the howling wind which raged all the previous night and continues still.

Our billet for tonight is a utilitarian camp-site very close to the beach on the Costa Brava coast in the atmospheric town of Roses where grand houses cling to the hillsides seemingly defying gravity. There are lovely sandy beaches next to the sparkling waters of the Med. and a marina that currently houses a jaw-dropping array of luxury yachts.





2 thoughts on “And We’re Off to Sunny Spain …

  1. Taking a campervan on a bike tour or is it taking bikes on a campervan tour? Our rules will have to be rewritten though. It sounds great and have fun.

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