So Mooving…

After two and half weeks on the road, we almost had a day off! Yesterday (Thursday) we took a picture postcard ride, with bikes in tow, on a narrow gauge train to Krimml about 25 miles up the glorious Salzach valley from Mittersill. A couple of miles pedalled up through a forest track got us to the foot of the, three tiered, Krimml Waterfall. The trek to the top, some 400 metres of vertical ascent, took over an hour on foot but provided spectacular views of the plunging water and valley below. The bike ride back to Mittersill included a few lumpy sections as we weaved through the meadows and tiny villages either side of the valley bottom but was an absolute joy on a beautiful sunny afternoon.

Our delight and wonder at the stunning vista of the Salzach valley continues. Today’s 25 mile ride to the skiing resort at Zell am See was accompanied by clanging cow bells and sweet bovine smells from the delightful brown and white cows which eye us up as they chew the cud in their rich green pastures. All this to a backdrop of snow clad peaks and the burbling of the river which gives the valley its name.

Fortune smiled on us today; on arrival, the guest house we had booked was all shut up with a note directing us to its, rather more grand, four star, sister hotel next door. Part of the package also included a free pass each for various local attractions. Taking advantage of this allowed us to take a cable car up the mountain to some 2000 metres giving a panoramic view over the horseshoe of mountains, the lake and the valley bottom which will be our route back to Salzburg over the next two days. Sitting on top of a mountain in the afternoon sun with a small beverage… Well it almost felt like a day off!

View from 2000 metres. Zell am See

One thought on “So Mooving…

  1. I would have thought the situation merited a large beverage, not a small one, and hopefully a delicious pastry.
    Even without these, I wish I could be with you in the mountains. Looking forward to seeing more photos.

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