A Picture Paints a Thousand Words…

With over 750 miles under our belts we are still cycling up the increasingly beautiful valley of the Drau River,  which is now a, fast flowing, emerald green.  The sun has returned but it is much colder now,  requiring long trousers and full gloves. The terrain is still largely a mix of gravelled bike paths and quiet lanes and is a  reasonably benevolent in gradient.  That will change on Wednesday when we reach the town of Lienz in the Tyrol province. Thereafter we head north, through the alps, to return to Salzburg. The pictures below show that it is impossible to put into words how stunning the scenery here is.

Keith,  as master of “the rules” if you are reading this can you please settle an argument? The definition of a “day off” is:

A) anything less than 70 kms
B) a day with no requirement to cycle anywhere at all
C) any other variation – please specify

Drau River, Ferrari, Austria
Drau near Rosegg, Austria
Locals coming for a chat near Spital, Austria
Spittal Austria
Snow on the Grossglockner Mountain Austria

2 thoughts on “A Picture Paints a Thousand Words…

  1. Anne
    Rules ruling:- B is the correct answer. Cycling is not recommended on days off. The no cycling rule was abandoned several years ago as it was impossible to enforce with one member.
    I have always called you Sir but I promise to change that to Your Lordship.

  2. other definitions of a day off would be :
    3) 2 consecutive nights in the same place
    4)Gavin goes cycling while other party members try to remember what most people do to pass the time on holiday, and failing to remember go cycling anyway.
    Am enjoying your blogs very much and wondering why I didn’t join you .
    Love Judith

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