Sheepish Collie & A Smug Pug….

With 250 miles under our belts we have passed through the provinces of Salzburg and Upper Austria and have now entered Lower Austria with a couple of sorties into Germany along the way. We are only about 70 miles from Vienna, so should arrive there on Saturday.

We crossed the (non existing) border between Austria and Germany on a couple of occasions although the German police were present in some numbers checking for migrants.  We did see a few who were walking over an un-policed dam just a bit further up river.  The Salzach river, we followed out of Salzburg, flows into the Inn; with this then joining a confluence of the Ilz and Danube at the Bavarian town of Passau. The Danube, joined by m

Inn river joins the Danube at Passau, Germany

any smaller rivers along its course, flows through Austria, eventually emptying in to the Black Sea.

The cycling is world class,  mostly paved, dedicated cycle paths or very quiet roads running alongside the broad river; so consequently mostly very flat. The weather has been very warm and sunny, although somewhat humid this afternoon. There are numerous cyclists,  many on electric bikes,  which we seem to overtake with ease and frequency! The other oddity is the number of bikes pulling child trailers with dogs in them! Call me old fashioned but I thought the furry mutts have legs and like going walkies.  One Collie looked suitably sheepish,  whilst a smug pug had “I’m not the mug in this ensemble” written all over its screwed up f

Chocolate Box Villages on the Danube


The only other concern is whether Johann Strauss or me needs to go to Specsavers; I would say the Danube is definitely a deep jade green colour shimmering in the autumn sun. Maybe things have changed since he wrote his Blue Danube Waltz in 1866……

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