Five in France

Time for another adventure; this time a bit closer to home and with the added bonus of travelling companions. Think John O’Groats to Lands End with friends…….. only in France.

Starting in St Malo on 30th September, we will be following circa 1,000 rural miles alongside the Loire and Vienne rivers in the North, then down through the Dordogne before turning east up the Lot River valley; traversing the southern reaches of the Massif Central. The final section will be through, what are billed as, spectacular gorges (= hills and lots of them I suspect) into the Lavender fields and vineyards of Provence along the banks of the Rhone and Durance Rivers. We are scheduled to arrive in Nice in Alpes Maritime, the last of the seventeen Departments we will have travelled through, on 23rd October.

St Malo to Nice
St Malo to Nice

Introductions to the ‘not so famous Five’ in the next blog …….

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